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The Diana Chronicles

Ten years after her death, Princess Diana remains a mystery. Was she "the people's princess," who electrified the world with her beauty and humanitarian missions? Or was she a manipulative, media-savv

ISBN10 : 0099568357 , ISBN13 : 9780099568353

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Glamour. Duty. Tragedy: The Woman Behind the Princess. After more than a decade interviewing those closest to the Princess and her select circle, Sarah Bradford exposes the real Diana: the blighted ch

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When Andrew Morton's world-famous biography, Diana: Her True Story, was first published, it caused a media frenzy, and shook the British Establishment to its foundations. Later revealed as having been

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One of the world's best-known biographers, Andrew Morton is a leading authority on modern celebrity, and one of the finest investigative writers of our age. His ground-breaking and controversial biogr

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Tudor Women

The Tudor era belongs to its women. No other period of English history has produced so many notable and interesting women, and into other periods have they so powerfully influenced the course of polit

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Uncommon Arrangements

A cultural critic and author of Still She Haunts Me examines seven unconventional marriages among members of England's literary circles between 1910 and 1939--including Jane and H. G. Wells, Vera Brit

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