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The Torchlight List

In today’s world it seems that everywhere we turn we are saturated with book recommendations from talk shows, magazines, radio shows, friends, and top ten lists. But which books are really the best,

ISBN10 : 162873552X , ISBN13 : 9781628735529

Page Number : 190

How Should We Live?

What is your highest ideal? What code do you live by? We all know that these differ from person to person. Artists, scientists, social activists, farmers, executives, and athletes are guided by very d

ISBN10 : 022615579X , ISBN13 : 9780226155791

Page Number : 264

Visible Women

Visible Women: Tales of Age, Gender and In/Visibility is a reflective, questioning, subjective, self-indulgent and moving narrative exploration of the experiences of women growing older and not disapp

ISBN10 : 1443836745 , ISBN13 : 9781443836746

Page Number : 370