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The fascinating, true story of the world's deadliest disease. In 1918, the Great Flu Epidemic felled the young and healthy virtually overnight. An estimated forty million people died as the epidemic r

ISBN10 : 1429979356 , ISBN13 : 9781429979351

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There's a nasty flu going round. An epidemic, they call it. The posters say to cover your mouth when you sneeze, and throw away the tissue. But such simple measures won't stop this flu. Because when y

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Farm Flu

When the farm animals seem to catch the flu one after another, a young boy does his best to take care of them while his mom is out of town. By the illustrator of The Lion Who Had Asthma. Reprint.

ISBN10 : 9780807522752 , ISBN13 : 0807522759

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Swine Flu

"The Swine Flu: What You Need to Know" is the first book covering the 2009 outbreak of the Swine Flu. It contains an easy-to-understand history and pandemics in general and the Swine Flu in particular

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Our health and habitat are being threatened by biological invaders moving at unprecedented speed. Avian flu and its potential to cause a human pandemic is only one example of a worldwide menace unwitt

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