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In the closed world of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, Carolyn Jessop was forced to obey her controlling husband's every demand. She had no money, no power and existed as one of six wi

ISBN10 : 0241981182 , ISBN13 : 9780241981184

Page Number : 448

The Great Escape

The world is a better place than it used to be. People are healthier, wealthier, and live longer. Yet the escapes from destitution by so many has left gaping inequalities between people and nations. I

ISBN10 : 1400847966 , ISBN13 : 9781400847969

Page Number : 376

On Escape

First published in 1935, On Escape represents Emmanuel Levinas's first attempt to break with the ontological obsession of the Western tradition. In it, Levinas not only affirms the necessity of an esc

ISBN10 : 9780804741408 , ISBN13 : 0804741409

Page Number : 120

Escape Attempts

From sexual fantasies to holidays this marvellous book charts our escape attempts. In a series of dazzling commentaries the authors reveal the ordinary and extraordinary ways in which we seek to defy

ISBN10 : 9780415065009 , ISBN13 : 0415065003

Page Number : 246

Destined For War

CHINA AND THE UNITED STATES ARE HEADING TOWARD A WAR NEITHER WANTS. The reason is Thucydides’s Trap, a deadly pattern of structural stress that results when a rising power challenges a ruling one. T

ISBN10 : 0544935330 , ISBN13 : 9780544935334

Page Number : 384

Escape From Horrorland

The children trapped in HorrorLand have found a way to escape from the horrific amusement park into Panic Park, and they turn against Luke and Lizzy Morris when they warn them that they may actually b

ISBN10 : 0439918790 , ISBN13 : 9780439918794

Page Number : 132