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Mind And Body

A great deal of work in philosophy today is concerned with some aspect of the complex tangle of problems and puzzles roughly labelled the mind-body problem. This book is an introduction to it. It is a

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Dissociation challenges many comfortable assumptions. Dissociative phenomena are often stark, extreme, and vivid. The identities of individuals with dissociation disorders shift between apparent oppos

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Budo Mind And Body

Budo is about learning more than how to fight; true budo is a way of seeking and uncovering meaning in life. Here, Nicklaus Suino, one of the leading iaido teachers in North America, gives expert advi

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Mind Your Body

Foreword by Dr. Mehmet Oz A renowned personal trainer to Olympic athletes, movie stars, Broadway actors, and supermodels, draws on twenty years of experience to create a powerful three-step fitness ap

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What Am I?

Almog decodes Descartes' argument for distinguishing between the human mind and body while maintaining their essential integration in a human being. His reading not only steers away from popular inter

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